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The Danish Radio Viennese Trio

– A Fountain of music, communication and cheerfulness

The Danish Radio Viennese Trio was founded in 1998 and originates from the now defunct Danish Radio Concert Orchestra. The trio's cellist Helle Sørensen was principal cellist in the orchestra and Peter Piotr Gasior was 3rd concertmaster, while the trio's pianist Peter Ettrup Larsen was affiliated as conductor.

The Danish Radio Viennese Trio is primarily a "concert trio" that takes the lighter Viennese music as seriously as the traditional chamber music.


The Danish Radio Viennese Trio’s concerts can best be described as a fountain of music, communication and cheerfulness, as the music is always accompanied by amusing anecdotes and charming tales.


The Danish Radio Viennese Trio regularly performs concerts all over Denmark. However, the trio has also toured in the USA, e.g., in conjunction with Her Majesty the Queen's 40th anniversary in 2012, when the trio performed at a large gala event in Chicago, IL.

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